Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Good Type is like...

The Elements of Typographic Style. Robert Bringhurst. 2005

"Good typography is like bread: ready to be admired, appraised and dissected before it is consumed." - Robert Bringhurst

This book is a must read for all designers (and should be read by anyone who everyone). Don't be intimidated--it's beautifully written. Very early in the book Bringhurst writes how letters have a life and dignity of their own. I am going to directly quote from this book because he writes so clearly I don't want my paraphrasing to miss anything:

Letterforms that honor and elucidate what humans see and say deserve to be honored in their turn. Well-chosen words deserve well-chosen letters; these in their turn deserve to be set with affection, intelligence, knowledge and skill. Typography is a link, and it ought, as a matter or honor, courtesy and pure delight, to be as strong as the others in the chain.

It gives me chills. There is the potential to be incredibly effective. The form feeds the function. Quite different than what we are used to hearing. I believe there is much to learn here specifically when we try to understand the significance of cohesion ||

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