Saturday, November 7, 2009

Design Dialogue #1 // Allison Lehman

JC // So tell me a little bit about your discoveries as a designer in Columbus, Ohio vs. Upland, Indiana
AL // It's crazy different. I felt like I was unable to think outside the box when I lived in Upland, Indiana. I didn't have my own space to create because I shared a house with 7 other girls and there was no way of networking within the town that I lived in. In Columbus, I've met so many people interested in the same things that I am. Especially through twitter, I've connected with clients that I currently have now. I had a chance to visit Sandbox Columbus and meet the team of Egolabel and collaborate. Plus, I think there's a feeling of legitimacy that you gain as an artist when you're positioning yourself in an urban area around people striving for the same things.

JC // Who makes up your clientele?
AL // My clientele is great. It took about a year to build up quality clients. I work with Emily Elizabeth Jewelry a lot. She's a designer in New York City. I also with a photographer in LA. She has a lot of small start up companies that are fun to work with. I get a lot of grooms/brides looking for invitation designs.

JC // How do you market yourself? What tools have you found most successful?
AL // I used to market myself through Etsy. About 2 years ago I started designing banner designs for small business's shops. Now I market myself through past clients (referrals are huge!). Twitter has also gotten me connected with clients/projects. And lately I've started blogging everyday and decided to buy an ad space on a widely read blog. I get a lot of visitors to my blog/site and randomly will get an email or two asking about my prices/processes.

JC // Who is your most significant artistic influence?
AL // Oh that's tough. I've always had a hard time picking influences. As far as fine art: that would have to be Mark Rothko and Willem de Kooning. When it comes to design influences, I actually don't have a 'famous' artist influence. I keep track of a lot of blogs of designers who aren't huge. They're so talented but they're making a difference in their community and within their network.

JC // What is your favorite thing to design?
AL // I love designing for print. There's something magical about seeing it printed. There's a choice that goes into what kind of paper you use, or what type of printer you use, should it be letterpress, can I afford letterpress? Ha. When I design for print but it never gets printed, it's just this electronic file on my screen. Someday I want to invest in a really nice printer and print all my projects that never get to come alive.

JC // What is your all-time favorite piece you designed?
AL // Oh my gosh that's so difficult. Well I really like my design for TotsPups and most all the work I create for that client. But honestly, I become incredibly unhappy with my designs the longer time passes after I finish them. Every design I create is my favorite at that moment. Then I get frustrated and want to do something different and new.

JC // Last question: Give me 1 reason why I should hire you.
AL // My personality and who I am at the core is rooting for my clients. I want to see them succeed and gain recognition for what THEY are doing. I work with really creative people and I've made great relationships with those that I've worked with. I work hard and I don't send my clients designs until I'm personally happy with it.


Allison Lehman graduated last May with a degree in Visual Communication Design from Taylor University located in Upland, Indiana. She is currently a freelance designer in Columbus, Ohio where she resides with her husband, Adam, and new puppy, Desh. If you are interested in working with Allison Lehman, please contact her via email: and make sure to check out her online portfolio.

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