Monday, May 11, 2009

Pursuing "the new" & Clinging to Consistency

I am an ecstatic owner of a brand new 2010 Mazda 3i Touring. Growing up I had a neighbor that drove a red Mazda Miata (2 seater, convertible). I was as envious as a child could be! As he would drive down the street, I would watch with amazement. I decided that when I grew up I would buy one. Well, as most of you know, this past weekend was graduation and the phrases "You're all grown up" and "Welcome to adulthood" were mentioned quite often. I took this as my cue...and family friends who are car salesmen helped too!

Graduation marked the first of many transitions to come in the next few months. Saturday I move into my summer apartment, Monday I start working at Miles Design, and in a few short months I get to marry my best friend. I'm finding that "growing up" can either be a stressful transition or one that is enjoyed and lived well. It's going to be a challenging transition as I relocate from where I grew up in Northeast Ohio to Indianapolis.

As I begin this new chapter of life, I'm reminded of an article I read on Frank Lloyd Wright. Wright believed that consistency was needed, but that consistency alone was not enough. Consistency must be joined with the new, for consistency alone would kill creativity. Although Wright may have been speaking to the underlying unity of his architecture, I believe this notion holds true to the necessity of transition. There is discovery and opportunities for learning that come with transition, or rather "the new". I am looking forward to pursuing "the new" while at the same time clinging to what is consistent for comfort and reassurance.

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